Need Mobile Windshield Repair? 3 Things To Tell The Auto Glass Company

These days, replacing your car's windshield is as easy as putting in a request and waiting for dispatch teams to arrive. While you work, shop, or sit at home with your kiddos, mobile windshield teams can come out, remove your old windshield, and completely install the replacement. Here are three things you should tell the auto glass company if you need a mobile windshield repair, and why.  1. What Your Schedule Looks Like [Read More]

Does Your Windshield Need To Be Repaired?

If you're looking at a crack in a windshield, you're probably also wondering whether the damage has to be repaired right away. Not all crack and pits have to be fixed ASAP, but some definitely do. Fortunately, there are mobile windshield repair services providers that can help you get on top of things. Let's take a look at how you can decide whether or not you need to call a mobile windshield repair company. [Read More]

4 Tips To Keep Your Windshield Clean And Clear

When you're driving, you need a clear view of the road so you can drive safely and avoid traffic hazards. A clean, clear windshield not only looks great, but it's also important for automobile safety. Here are four tips to help you keep your windshield in excellent condition: 1. Wash your car regularly Wash your car at least once month to keep your windows and windshield clean. Don't forget to clean the inside of your windshield as well, since dust can accumulate there over time. [Read More]

Get A Clear View: 4 Effective Ways To Protect Your Windshield This Winter

Winter can be particularly hazardous for your windshield. It's exposed to the elements on a nearly-constant basis. Unfortunately, if your windshield isn't properly cared for during the winter, you're at risk each time you drive your car. That's because windshield issues prevent you from seeing clearly. Here are four crucial steps you can take to reduce your risk of hazards and windshield replacement this winter. 1. Invest in a Windshield Cover [Read More]