Need Mobile Windshield Repair? 3 Things To Tell The Auto Glass Company

These days, replacing your car's windshield is as easy as putting in a request and waiting for dispatch teams to arrive. While you work, shop, or sit at home with your kiddos, mobile windshield teams can come out, remove your old windshield, and completely install the replacement. Here are three things you should tell the auto glass company if you need a mobile windshield repair, and why. 

1. What Your Schedule Looks Like

While mobile windshield teams are fast and efficient, they will need unfettered access to your car for a set amount of time. It isn't a great idea to call for mobile windshield repair when you will be in and out and focused on getting to a hundred different errands.

Instead, focus on giving them a call when you will be parked for a decent length of time. For example, if you are working a full shift, you will have the time to let them work on your car. Let them know what your exact daily schedule looks like, whether you have to go anywhere that day, and when they should come. 

2. Where You'll Park

Talk with your mobile windshield replacement team about where you park, how long you will be there, and how they will get the keys if they need them. Make sure to park exactly where you say you will and to be at the key dropoff location when you are supposed to be. If possible, park in the shade to make their work more comfortable. Have your license plate number and any identifying information about the car handy in case they need it. 

3. If You Rely On ADAS 

Some cars use advanced driver-assistance systems, or ADAS, to protect the drivers. However, these windshields may need to be carefully calibrated to keep them working well. Talk with your mobile windshield team about whether or not they need to calibrate the windshield and how they will tackle the job when they get there. Ask if the equipment they need to use will work well based on where you are parked since some systems may need a bright light to calibrate properly. 

After they replace the windshield, ask them to test the system if possible to ensure that everything is working. After all, it could prevent an accident. For instance, they may need to get in your car and drive around the parking lot to test sensors and to make sure the ADAS is running. This additional step prevents problems with your car and could keep your family safer. 

By communicating efficiently with mobile windshield replacement teams, you can streamline car repairs and focus on what's really important--spending time with your family and taking care of the day-to-day tasks involved with your job. 

To learn more, contact an auto glass replacement company.