Dos And Don'ts Following Automotive Windshield Replacement

Now that your car's new windshield has been installed, follow these "dos" and "don'ts" to protect your investment and prevent damaging the new windshield's glue seal: Do restrict your driving for the first day after your car's new windshield is installed. Driving too fast or over rough roads can damage the glue seal around the windshield and cause it to leak when it rains. Don't drive on the highway for at least six hours post-installation. [Read More]

Your Winshield Keeps You Safe

Your car has several features that are designed to keep you safe. They include things like your seat belts, your air bags, and the way that the frame of your car is designed. Your car's frame has crumple zones that take the energy of the accident so that it is diminished by the time it gets to you. That can help you from getting injured as badly, or at all. But one thing you might not think of as part of your car's safety features is the windshield. [Read More]