Does Your Windshield Need To Be Repaired?

If you're looking at a crack in a windshield, you're probably also wondering whether the damage has to be repaired right away. Not all crack and pits have to be fixed ASAP, but some definitely do. Fortunately, there are mobile windshield repair services providers that can help you get on top of things. Let's take a look at how you can decide whether or not you need to call a mobile windshield repair company.

Obstructions Anywhere in Your Line of Sight

Even a small pit in the driver's line of sight can pose massive hazards. Imagine, for example, how quickly a pedestrian in the distance goes from being a dot on the horizon to a figure near your car. Given that seconds are of the essence when you're driving, the sooner you recognize that dot as a person the better. A tiny pit in the windshield may seem insignificant, but it can still obstruct a surprising amount of your field of view.

You may be tempted to use one of the fillers that are available at hardware and auto repair stores. These are not acceptable substitutes for glass, and they can change the index of refraction and make the problem worse. If the damage is in the driver's field of view, the best solution is to have it professionally repaired.

Is It Repairable?

According to data from the National Windshield Repair Association, cracks of less than six inches in length and outside the driver's field of view are potentially repairable. If the crack reaches the edge, then the windshield will likely have to be replaced. Spidering cracks are generally fixable as long as they haven't reached the edges or gone into the driver's field of view. Chips and dings, though, are frequently repairable.

How deep the damage has penetrated matters, too. If the crack has caused underlying payers of lamination to become rippled, then the windshield is compromised and must be replaced.

The total amount of damage a windshield can accumulate over a lifetime is limited. Once three separate cracks have appeared in a windshield, it should be replaced. Surprisingly, though, the NWRA's guidelines indicate that a single crack may be as large as 14 inches before you should assume repairs won't work.

Any crack that keeps expanding over hours or days should be a major source of concern. If possible, park your vehicle and contact a mobile windshield repair technician as soon as possible.

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