Get A Clear View: 4 Effective Ways To Protect Your Windshield This Winter

Winter can be particularly hazardous for your windshield. It's exposed to the elements on a nearly-constant basis. Unfortunately, if your windshield isn't properly cared for during the winter, you're at risk each time you drive your car. That's because windshield issues prevent you from seeing clearly. Here are four crucial steps you can take to reduce your risk of hazards and windshield replacement this winter.

1. Invest in a Windshield Cover

If your car is exposed to the elements during the winter, you need to invest in a windshield cover. This is particularly important if your car is exposed to snow or ice. A cover will protect your windshield and prevent an accumulation of snow and ice.

2. Use the Proper Deicing Methods

If you don't have the proper deicing equipment, you need to take care of that right away. Ice should never be removed from your windshield using things like hot water or credit cards. Hot water will crack and shatter your windshield, while instruments such as credit cards will leave scratches on the surface of the glass. Not to mention the fact that your windshield won't get nearly clean enough if you're using a credit card to remove ice. Before the weather gets much worse, invest in a snow scraper and brush for your vehicle.

3. Inspect Your Windshield on a Daily Basis

If you're driving your car on a regular basis during the winter, your windshield is at risk for serious damage. Freezing temperatures and flying debris can destroy your windshield. That's why it's so important that you inspect your windshield at least once a day, especially during the winter when the risk is most prevalent. Be sure to clean your windshield before each inspection. You'll need to get a clear view of the entire surface. Your inspection should include the outer most edges of your windshield. Those are the areas that aren't always visible when you're driving your car.

4. Repair Minor Cracks and Chips Right Away

If your windshield suffers damage this winter, be sure to have it repaired right away. Even minor chips and cracks pose a serious threat to your windshield. Moisture can seep into those tiny imperfections and freeze overnight. Unfortunately, moisture expands once it freezes. When that happens, the cracks and chips will expand too, causing a minor issue to become a major safety risk.

Don't let your windshield suffer serious damage this winter. Use the methods provided here to protect your windshield, and give you a clear view of the road.