What To Do If Your Vehicle's Windshield Is Cracked

If something is wrong with your vehicle's windshield, you may not be able to drive it safely. A small crack in the glass might not seem like a big deal right now, but it can grow until it obstructs your sight and you need to have the entire windshield replaced. Take note of the advice below until you can have the windshield seen by a professional.

Gently Close Doors

Of course, you have to close your vehicle's doors with some force, but if you're waiting to get a crack fixed, be aware that the vibration of a slamming vehicle door can cause a crack to grow. Be aware of how hard you are slamming the doors and take special care with the doors that are in the front.

Don't Go Through The Car Wash

Before you're able to have the crack fixed, you may want to take your vehicle through the local car wash. This could be an error in judgment, as the vigorous sprays and large brushes could put pressure on the windshield, causing the crack to deepen and extend. You don't have to ride around with a dusty, dirty car, however—wash your vehicle by hand instead.

Stick With Consistent Temperatures Inside And Outside

If you do decide to wash your vehicle by hand, you have to be aware that the windshield's glass, as with most types of glass, can contract a bit in cold temperatures or widen a little in warm temperatures. As a result of these changes, a crack can become worse, particularly if the outside temperature is drastically different than the interior temperature. When washing your car, to keep the crack from getting bigger, use lukewarm water on the windshield glass and ensure that the temperature inside the car isn't too hot or cold.

Washes aren't the only times to be aware of the temperature inside and outside of your vehicle.  Do everything you can to keep the temperature inside and outside consistent. For instance, don't pour hot water down an icy windshield in cold weather. If it's summer and temperatures are climbing, leave the windows open a bit. Put the vehicle under a leafy tree to avoid overheating the interior of your vehicle.

Many cracks, if not handled properly by observing the tips above, can spread until the vehicle's windshield requires replacement. If that happens to you, get in touch with a company that can replace the windshield right away so that you can drive safely again. Companies like Glass Pro Incorporated may be able to help meet your needs in this area.