Three Ways A Professional Windshield Repair Can Save You Time And Money

DIY windshield repair kits are marketed as a brilliant money- and time-saving alternative to having a professional repair done, but there's one difficulty: the DIY kits don't come with the same range of materials or professional service. Here are three ways you may actually be able to save time and money by opting for the traditional professional repair route.

1. Warranty Professional repairs from a reputable auto glass repair shop have the added value of a guarantee. A DIY kit does not guarantee results, as this would be too risky for the manufacturers. A warranty can give you peace of mind by promising to save you a lot of money if the repair goes wrong. Of course, the professional repair is less likely to go wrong than a DIY repair, since the available materials are better and the repair personnel is more experienced. The warranty just means that you'll be covered in case of a worst case scenario (in which the entire windshield has to be replaced).  

2. Experience and precision Because of the years of experience repair technicians have, a professional repair may require a considerably smaller time investment than doing your own repair would, especially if you've never done it before and are learning on the fly. In addition to speed, repair technicians can offer precise repairs because they have multiple types of resin available for chip filling, meaning they're able to customize the thickness of the repair material based on your car's needs.  

3. Possible insurance coverage Check your insurance plan to see if it covers windshield chip repair. If it does, you can expect that it will only cover the costs of a professional repair and wouldn't reimburse you for the materials or time spent on a DIY solution. So if you do have this type of coverage, a professional repair is definitely your best option. However, windshield chip repair is only covered by some comprehensive insurance plans; others may only cover other types of repairs or may only cover repairs to the other windows of the car (since the windshield is more easily and frequently damaged, making it more expensive to offer windshield damage coverage). Be sure to read the fine print before submitting an insurance claim for your windshield repair.  

These three aspects of professional windshield repair show that there's a lot to be gained by eschewing the DIY option. However, although professional repair is the best value in most cases, you may still wish to try the DIY kit in certain situations, such as if you're desperate and all the repair shops are closed for a holiday weekend. Just remember that windshield repair resin is permanent, so a DIY approach is very risky compared to professional repair. For more information, contact companies like Glass On Wheels.