4 Key Considerations When Replacing Your Windshield

If the crack in your windshield has created a small cleft, is on the drivers side, or is longer than a few inches and spreading, you need to get the windshield replaced. With a quick search, you should be able to locate a certified technician in your area. With a few key bits of information, you should be able to get that windshield replaced with few to no hiccups along the way.

How Often Should You Replace Your Windshield?

In case you are worried about recurring expenses, you shouldn't need to replace your windscreen again unless it's damaged. The amount of damage, via rocks, animals, human error, etc, depends on where you live. Also, some auto glass technicians will be willing to warranty the windshield over its lifespan and will repair and replace it for free.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you are in an accident, most car insurance companies will pay to have your windshield replaced. If your car happens to be the victim of a wayward pebble, falling branch, or some other series of unfortunate events, then you may be on your own unless you have opted for comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage will most likely cover your windshield but you should double check with your provider to be expressly sure. The average cost of repair for a vehicle can range from $157-$324 or more depending on your type of vehicle.

How Long Does It Take?

Many auto glass service companies are mobile and can come to your home or job to do the repairs. A replacement can take about an hour and a up to an hour before it's safe to drive afterward. Also, you'll want to avoid drive-through car washes for about 24 hours as the chemicals and water pressure may interfere with your newly installed windscreen.

How You Find the Right Auto Glass Technician?

To ensure the best job is performed on your vehicle, you will want to locate a certified auto glass technician. The Auto Glass Safety Council is a non-profit organization that has created standards and a certification program for North American technicians. You can search their extensive registered members catalogue for a reputable business in your area.

Windshield replacements and repairs are among the most common. With the right insurance you can be back on the road in no time. With auto glass service from a company like X-Treme Auto Glass you'll be safe with future repairs and on the road.