Dos And Don'ts Following Automotive Windshield Replacement

Now that your car's new windshield has been installed, follow these "dos" and "don'ts" to protect your investment and prevent damaging the new windshield's glue seal:

Do restrict your driving for the first day after your car's new windshield is installed. Driving too fast or over rough roads can damage the glue seal around the windshield and cause it to leak when it rains.

Don't drive on the highway for at least six hours post-installation. High-speed driving subjects the windshield to excessive forces that are sufficient to dislodge the new windshield from its wet glue seal.

Do leave one of your car's windows open about an inch for the first day or two after the windshield is installed. The cracked window allows your car to safely release any pressure that is built up when you close your car's door. Without leaving the window open, closing the door of your car can cause the windshield to pop out of its new seal.

Don't slam your car's doors or trunk for at least one day after a new windshield installation. Slamming the door will cause the windshield to move around in its new seal and can cause it to become dislodged. If this happens, then you will need to have the windshield re-sealed in place.

Do wash your new windshield by hand during the two days following its installation. Use only cleaners that are:

  • non-abrasive
  • free of ammonia
  • free of alcohol

Cleaners that contain abrasives can scratch the new glass. Additionally, cleaners that contain ammonia or alcohol can damage the glue used to seal the windshield in place. Even pin-hole damage to the seal can lead to leaks later down the road.

Don't drive your car through a car wash for at least two days after your new windshield is installed. This will give the glue seal plenty of time to cure before it is subjected to a lot of water and detergent that could otherwise damage it.


By following the suggestions above, you can prevent any unnecessary damage to your car's new windshield and its glue seal. This will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration that come with having to reseal the windshield. If you have additional questions about replacing your car's windshield and how to operate your car in the days following the replacement, you should speak with a technician at a company like A1 Auto Glass.